(SER-FL-447) Clearwater Composite Squadron
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Who we are



On 01 December 1941, concerned citizens, and aviators took to the air to safeguard this 
nation. In the years leading up to America's involvement in World War 2, veterans and 
private pilots saw a storm brewing on the horizon. They knew that war was coming and 
that their nation would need them in some capacity. They rose to the occasion, visible 
before God and country to take on critical missions for national security. They trained 
Army Air Forces gunners and pilots. They conducted border security missions and courier 
missions and patrolled the Gulf coasts for German U-Boats, all using their privately 
owned aircraft.

In October of 2022, Hurricane Ian taught us many things about how our Wing and 
Squadron operate under real-world conditions.

Our Squadron motto, “Exto Paratus”, translated, states: “Stand and be ready”. After the 
storm made landfall, our neighbors needed us. The men and women of this Squadron 
stood up and answered the call. Our members traveled south into devastation to lend 
our hand. We embodied “Exto Paratus”. We were ready when called upon.

Moving forward from this recent reminder of our true purpose, we will continue to train 
diligently, awaiting the call to action. We will continue to prepare ourselves to be of 
service to our community… our state… and our nation…

We invite you to join us on this journey.


Capt. Craig Hormes, CAP

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